Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, I have been thinking about a blog for months now... Here is my story. SusanAnna was born out of my love for craft and art, and a constant desire to create. A dear relative who lives across the ocean had sent me a ribbon necklace she had made as her Christmas present to me. I was so touched and intrigued by the craft that I started to look into it and got hooked. Then one day In the Spring of 2006 I had the most amazing dream, and the idea of "SusanAnna" was afirmed. Today, I start my venture into the blog world, and now I can talk about the dealings behind the things I make with my hands, the many things.

I love flowers and gardens. The colors of the multi precious
stones which can be so clear and transparent can be combined to resemble small bouquets. These are from the
"Garden" Collection. I took several shots for a display I use at shows, I came up with some amazing pictures. Here is one. I sold this particular piece at one of the craft shows early this Spring.
The work is delicate and very feminine, the stones are beautiful citrine, peridot, amethyst and garnet. The colorful stones are wrapped with thin sterling silver wire onto handmade hammered rings made out of 22 gauge sterling silver wire.

The idea is to bring flowers, life; and a delicate, gentle and elegant accent into a woman's wardrobe. Flowers, brighten up any corner!

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